Scriptural Reflections

And they Came with Haste...

"And they came with haste, and found Mary and Joseph, and the Infant lying in the manger..."

~Luke 2:16~


Most of us are quite used to doing things in "haste" at this time of year.  Much of our haste, sadly, has more to do with the commercial "happy holiday," than with the true celebration of Christmas.


Why, pray tell, did the shepherds move with haste to that stable?  Nothing was on sale, Santa wasn't handing out free candy canes to children, and no one was giving away free steak knives to the first 100 shepherds to arrive at the scene.  Why the haste?


The shepherds knew what they really needed.  They were keenly aware of God's promise, and of their need for a Messiah Savior.  They "came with haste" because they could hardly believe the Good News that the Angel had given them.  They were overcome with joy and excitement that the time of salvation had actually dawned!  THIS they HAD to see!


In our "haste," let us pause to reflect on the only thing that is really worth hurrying to obtain; closeness with Jesus Christ.


"O Come, Let us Adore Him!"