VERITAS Faith Formation - Registration Now Open!

"Gather the children...

and teach them the truths they must know for salvation..."

~Our Lady, to Adele Brise - October 9th, 1859

Registration is now open* for our VERITAS Faith Formation Program, 2015-16 Catechetical Year.

The VERITAS Program Description, Calendar, and Registration Forms are accessible from the Left Side Menu of our Website. Presently, the English Language version of these materials have been uploaded.  We are working on Spanish Language versions now.

Our Tuition Fee for the 2015-16 Catechetical Year is only $45**, thus we are hopeful that many more families will be able to afford the program.  Financial Assistance for those in need, while available, will cover up to $25 of the tuition.

Registration is considered complete when tuition is paid.  Please bring, or send, your registration forms - with fee payment - to:

Ss. Peter & Paul Parish Office


720 N. Baird Street

Green Bay, WI  54302


*Registration Closes on September 16th, 2015

** If you would like to provide a $45.00 Scholarship for a student, please send your check for $45, made payable to Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, along with a short note as to your sponsorship, to the Parish Office - at the above address. Scholarships can be offered in honor of, or in memory of, a family member, loved one, friend, or other person - living or deceased.

Faith Formation Office
920.437.0651 or 920.435.7548

Submitted by Michael Lee
Date Published: 07/01/2015