Youth Choir Practice TONIGHT!

Dear Youth Choir Families,

Just Another Reminder -- being that we have a change in both Date & Location this week --
Our Practice is TONIGHT!  Usual Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm  At: St. Mary of the Angels Church
Location: Corner of Cass Street & South Irwin Avenue
Please use the Cass Street "Side Entrance" to the Church.  I will have it open for you by 6:30pm.
Please Remember to Bring ALL OF YOUR MUSIC AND MATERIALS 😇
We Need to have a "FULL TEAM ON THE FIELD" tonight, as we're preparing for Advent and Christmas!
If you will be late, or if -- unavoidably -- you will be absent, REMEMBER TO CALL Michael Lee's cell phone - 920.562.5141.  Please do not rely on email -- and do not simply call the parish office and leave a voicemail.
Looking forward to seeing you tonight at St. Mary of the Angels!

Michael Lee
920.562.5141 - Attention: Michael Lee

Submitted by Michael Lee
Date Published: 11/03/2015