Faith Formation Classes CANCELLED Dec. 7th!

Dear Parents,

Faith Formation Classes for Wednesday, December 7th, are cancelled because we are expecting extremely cold temperatures - single digits (7 degrees after sunset) with wind chill factor figured in.
Confessions for Grades 3 & 4 are moved to Wednesday, December 14th.  Grades 5-8 will also have Confessions on Dec. 14th. Confessions will be held during regular class hours. Students will report to their classes as usual, and then go with their teachers to Church.
Queridos padres,
Clases de educación religiosa son canceladas este miercoles 7 de diciembre debido al clima extremadamente frío.
Los estudiantes en los grados 3 al 8 harán sus confesiones el miércoles, 14 de diciembre, durante sus horas regulares de clase.
Michael Lee
Faith Formation & Communications Coordinator
Coordinador de Educación Religiosa
Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Congregation
720 N. Baird St. 
Green Bay, WI 54302
(920) 437-0651 / 435-7548

Michael Lee
920.437.0651 / 435.7548 - Attention: Michael Lee

Submitted by Michael Lee
Date Published: 12/06/2016